spiritual journey 

the spiritual journey inward is the most challenging experience of your life and the most rewarding.

I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life and I will continue to be on one until my last breath. to me, spiritual coaching is similar to personal coaching. it is imperative to know what you are seeking and set a plan in motion to assist you on the journey. I have studied multiple religious and spiritual paths, Christian, Buddhist and New Thought to name a few, due to my strong desire to know myself and my connection to an ultimate Higher Power more intimately. all paths are relevant and guided me to becoming who I am today. there is so much richness in the process and it usually takes a guide to help another see the value of the road already traveled and how it will help in leading to their personal deeper awakening.

the journey inward

it all starts with listening.....truly listening. I strive to understand where you are on your journey and your desired outcome. once this foundation is established, together we will begin a supportive, non-judgmental conversational partnership. our trusted conversation will help you advance to a higher state of awareness.

possible intentions:

  • enhancing self -love, self-compassion and self-empowerment

  • balancing personal and professional expectations

  • discovering hope, silver linings, and joy

  • dissolving fear and anxiety

  • harnessing your creative power

  • reducing stress and increasing fun

  • trusting yourself, your intuition, and the process of life (or a Higher Power)

  • overcoming physical, mental, and emotional abuse

  • rebuilding life after a relationship ends

  • receiving abundance and prosperity