For or To...that is the question

Updated: May 28, 2020

We've all heard it's just a matter of your perception. But have you ever wonder how true that statement really is? We move through life mostly completely oblivious to what is really unfolding around us. It mostly feels like it is happening TO us yet at all times in fact it is happening FOR us. Yes even the really, really, really bad stuff. How can that be true? Here's how.

After working with many people, I have discovered that what lies behind our deepest pain is in fact our life's purpose. When digging deep into the details of their deepest pain, many people discover for themselves that healing that trauma or perceived challenged is something they've longed to do in the world. Their life purpose hidden right behind the pain. Who better to help lead another through the healing process than someone who has walked in those same shoes and had very similar experiences. Street cred so to speak. Helping another person through their darkness with a particular trauma that you share in experience heals both parties. It's an unbelievable win-win.

When you start living from a place of knowing all that is happening to you is FOR your good, you will begin to see the beauty of life and how it rises up to support you. Say you lost your job unexpectedly. What you might first experience is fear. Fear of losing your home and your way of life. But as you take a life review a year or two or more later, you will begin to see how that shift created a whole new wave of experiences that led you to something greater. Maybe you met your spouse at the unemployment office or you took the time to spend doing fun activities with your kids and they later expressed to you how they so loved that time with you.

The simple truth is that if you see life happening FOR you and not TO you, you will live differently. You will question more deeply the circumstances and ponder how this could possibly be for your good. Most likely within that questioning you will discover the goodness of it and be grateful for it.

Look for your Good every day!

Chuck Roundtree

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