personal mentoring

a better you

perceived challenges in life can create “stories” that can move from fiction to real life quickly. through a better you, quality time is spent focused on you and what you truly desire for your life. It might be looking at a challenge in a new way or finding your way into your life’s purpose. 

changing the world lies in the power of one. knowing and believing in yourself is key to making all of your dreams a reality. there are so many catch phrases out there such as think it, be it but how does that translate to you personally? a better you session will take the time to focus solely on YOU and look deeper into what it is you truly want in life and crafting a pathway forward to assist you in making it into a reality.


  • eliminate limiting beliefs, self-sabotage or fears

  • regain control over your life

  • deeper understanding of self

  • find and live your passion

  • enhance creativity and joy

  • instill new healthy habits and patterns

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase opportunities for success and income

  • create healthy relationships

a better you session facilitates dissolving limiting paradigms and shifting thought processes and beliefs that can block you from reaching your fullest potential.

be prepared to discuss your intentions for the session as well as your desired outcome.

60 minute sessions are conducted in-person or via video conferencing.

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  • personal mentoring session

    1 hr
    125 US dollars

what people say

Sherry P.

I came to a place in my life were I was struggling, feeling stuck and unsure how to make steps forward. Chuck helped me come up with concrete steps to identify my goals and take the steps to achieve them. I credit Chuck with many positive changes in my life, but most importantly, I am more confident person after a few one-on-one sessions with Chuck. I am forever grateful and would recommend him to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life.

Janette H.

Chuck has been an invaluable source of motivation, advise and guidance in my life journey.   He challenged me to go internal and really explore my emotions.   Which in turn Chuck as helped changed my life.   He truly is a great teacher, mentor and is a life-changer.  Chuck is an extremely unique beautiful soul!

Kathleen O.

Chuck gave me some life-changing advice that immediately led me to landing my dream job. He has a great deal of compassion for others and an infectious positive energy. I’ll forever be grateful to Chuck!