business coaching

a conscious leader & company

being in business today takes a new type of leader and company culture. paradigms are shifting. more and more employees are desiring to work in an environment that is supportive of their efforts in assisting the company in meeting its goals. the "we" or collective consciousness of the company is desired but the "I" is still critical. finding that delicate balance is essential. 

chuck is a coach not a consultant. yes there is a difference. consultants "tell" and coaches "ask." consultants can bring expertise to the company but as a coach, chuck will listen, reflect and support you and your team in growing both the individuals and the company. chuck comes with a belief that the answers are already housed within the team. he will partner with a company to bring awareness to what is truly needed and guide in the development of the strategy needed to meet the desired outcome. in doing so, chuck's time with a client should leave them with a heightened sense of themselves as well as a deeper sense of their own ability to sustain and grow moving forward. 

look and lead

a leader establishes the dynamic of the organization whether it’s privately held or public. the most admired leaders today know how to operate from both their head and their heart.


look and lead is a one-on-one session that looks into who you are as a leader vs. the leader you want to be. The session provides a practical thought process of self-discovery for the participant to unlock what is needing to shift in their leadership style as well as direction on how to implement the shift. the added benefit is that it could potentially enhance their personal life as well.