about chuck

as a human being

seeker. thought ignitor. intuitive.

chuck has been on a unique journey his whole life. from traveling to new destinations, learning about other cultures, experiencing various aspects of the business world, and delving deeper into metaphysics, he has always been a seeker.

in 2010, chuck felt a calling to know himself in a more meaningful way. he began asking deeper questions about his existence and connection to something greater than self. by studying the science of mind philosophy and sound therapy, his quest began to unfold. since 2016, chuck has continued to delve deeper into his connection to the Universe. through his studies and first-hand experiences, he began to bridge the divide between dimensions. as a result of his spiritual studies and work with alternative healing modalities, his enlightened path was ignited. 

chuck now utilizes his understandings of universal laws, sound therapy and oneness to facilitate conversations and experiences with people to better their conscious state. his mission is to assist individuals in awakening to their true state of being and living the life they are truly intended.

Heart and brain connected by a knot on a

as a professional

visionary. activator. dynamifer.

chuck has had a very diversified professional background over the past 25 years. some might look at his resumé and classify him as a "jack of all trades". a closer look will reveal a dedicated professional that is eager to take on large opportunities and make them his own. his skill set and business acumen give him an advantage especially with start-up and entrepreneurial businesses.

chuck has an extensive background in sales, marketing, product development, executive leadership, client relationship management, and budgetary controls.

professional history:

Director of Marketing / Fragrance - St. John Knits (Fashion / Beauty)

Executive Director, Fragrance - Hermes (Beauty)

Vice President of Sales -  BPI, USA, a division of Shiseido Cosmetics (Beauty)

Vice President of Sale & Marketing - Poo~Pourri (CPG)

General Manager - BuDhaGirl (Fashion)

Founder - a better state of being (Coaching / Holistic Wellness)

professional profile & recommendations: